We offer a comprehensive program of experiences that will show you how aircraft work, how they are used in our community, a few chances to see some aircraft up close, as well as try a few things out for yourself. Take a look below at what campers experienced in 2021!



  • Dane County Regional Airport terminal and operations facilities
  • Delta Air Lines Station Operations
  • United Airlines Airbus A320
  • Wisconsin Air National Guard 115th Fighter Wing
  • State of Wisconsin Hangar
  • Wisconsin Army National Guard 147th Aviation Regiment
  • Middleton Municipal Airport
  • Enstrom Helicopter
  • Hangar Museum
  • North American SNJ Advance Trainer 
  • Seaplane


  • The Story of Willa B. Brown
  • How airplanes fly
  • What’s in the clouds
  • Madison’s Air Traffic Control Tower
  • How to find your way around the airport runways with lights and markings
  • If you like aviation, what jobs are available? A look at careers
  • Earning a pilot’s license in two months


  • Aeronautical Chart reading
  • Air navigation exercise
  • Glider flying in the park
  • Flight Simulator exercise