Wings To Fly

WBAA's flight experience program

Wings To Fly: Making First Flights Happen

Founded in 2021, the Wings To Fly program is a series of one-day events that introduces aviation to underrepresented youth, focusing on women and people of color. We offer a one-on-one flight flight experience, including flight planning, and a 40-minute lesson. A celebration of the youth’s first flight follows back on the ground. 

In 2023, WBAA integrated Wings To Fly into our multi-day aviation program Camp Willa, reserving two days for flight experiences. 

Wings To Fly is independently insured, allowing us to continue offering flight experiences with volunteer pilots who support their mission and ensure safety. This program provides underrepresented youth with valuable exposure to the aviation industry, which can be financially challenging to enter in some areas.

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Our next Wings To Fly Event is August 24, 2024